Complete engine design
With over 25 years of experience and numerous wins under his belt, Lawrence has proved his capability to design, manufacture and develop a complete engine and racecar to a specific set of regulations from a clean sheet of paper. Collectively, our team of four has over 85 years of experience and has worked on many different engine configurations; B-Series, K-Series, H-Series, F-Series and D-Series to name a few, and in both normally aspirated and supercharged/turbocharged configurations.

Thanks to this extensive knowledge and experience our team has the capabilities to take on any competition engine or design project.

Component design
Alongside the complete engine design projects, we provide engine component and subsystem design. A few examples of a component design project was the development of a high capacity fuel supply system for a road race engine, lightweight/high compression pistons for a high horsepower all-motor drag race car engine and proprietary camshaft profiles for street, road race and drag race purposes.

New technologies beyond motorsport
The members of our team are very enthusiastic and keen to learn about new technologies that go beyond what you commonly see at the track. One of the examples is the McLaren Technologies CAN electronics we installed on our historic world challenge car. Our out-of-the-box approach is what makes our setups standout amongst the competition.

Reverse engineering of historic engines
Our experience going back almost three decades puts us in the right place to reverse engineer any component for a historic racing engine or high end winning setup. Where regulations allow it, we can also further improve historic racing engines and use modern technology to increase performance and reliability.

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