Season End Testing @Sonoma

After the end of the racing season the team decided to do some testing at Sonoma Raceway. To see what the old tired setup could do once dialed in.

Using the data from the last race the team worked to dial in the launch. After a wasted first pass due to a slippery track the team made some adjustments and lined up for a second pass.

The car managed to bite hard and shake off the collector at the 60′ mark. Letting off up top in an effort to not get kicked out since the cage was not certified for < 10.0s passes. To the teams surprise the car managed a 9.92@135. Unfortunately since the 10 second barrier was broken the team had to pack it up for the day. A bittersweet ending to a great day with a new personal best.



redGSRguy’s 1998 Integra Type-R

Thought it would be fun to put off some work and create a thread for my Integra Type-R.

Will update it as the work day permits! After updating I realize I suck at documenting and keeping track of things.
More random part pics on Instagram

Huge fan of the JDM front end so when I needed a new car I picked this one up!

Came with the JDM 16s / Zeal Coilovers / Spoon Cams + Cam Gears

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