2016 Year in Review

2016 was a great year. We had a lot of fun traveling to the events and racing with these great racers and meeting all the fans and Companies involved in the racing scene.

We ended the season qualifying #1 at every event and was able to go all season without losing a round until the final race of the year in the finals at Fontana when we broke an axle! We tried to replace it with the help of our fellow racers but the axle end was stuck to the differential and we had to pull out.

Special thanks to Jerry who actually pulled his own axle off to let us borrow it if we could have got the old one out. That is how close the racing community is and we love being part of this brotherhood.

Can’t wait to get back out there next season!


Some great pic from @4cost4 from the event.


2016 Race Results
Date Event City/State Result
02/28/2016 Import Face-Off Bakersfield, CA Winner
04/10/2016 IDRC – WCN Fontana, CA Winner
08/06/2016 Raceworz 3 Sacramento, CA Winner
09/25/2016 Import Face-Off Bakersfield, CA Winner
10/23/2016 IDRC – Int Finals Fontana, CA Winner
11/20/2016 Import Face-Off Fontana, CA Runner up

Author: lawrencebuilt

Tuner 20+yrs experience Hondata, Motec, Crome, AEM + more Dynotuning, Engine/Transmission rebuilds, ECU chipping

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