Prepping for the 2016 Season

After hitting the 9s pass the team decided it was time to step up the race program.With some help of some Sponsors the following was done.

Much of the competition was running upgraded fuel systems so the Lawrencebuilt team decided to follow suit. Saying goodbye to the trusty Walbro, they moved to a Weldon with upgraded Injector Dynamics injectors. Big thanks to Brian @B&R Fittings.

Jeremy @Drag Cartel stepped in and helped the team out with a new top end and a block from ERL for the new setup.

Javier @Hondata provided the EMS and traction control for the new found power.

With the help of the FCS Degree wheel everything was put together and the team was ready to rock!


Author: lawrencebuilt

Tuner 20+yrs experience Hondata, Motec, Crome, AEM + more Dynotuning, Engine/Transmission rebuilds, ECU chipping

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