redGSRguy’s 1998 Integra Type-R

Thought it would be fun to put off some work and create a thread for my Integra Type-R.

Will update it as the work day permits! After updating I realize I suck at documenting and keeping track of things.
More random part pics on Instagram

Huge fan of the JDM front end so when I needed a new car I picked this one up!

Came with the JDM 16s / Zeal Coilovers / Spoon Cams + Cam Gears

Spring on the clutch gave out in the first week so I replaced that along with the stock radiator.

Went with a Fluidyne / ACT clutch + FW also got a Mugen Intake / Samco Intake Arm / Hytech header / Carsound Cat / 2.5″ SMSP exhaust kit


Threw it on the local Dyno. Car felt a lot slower since I came from a GSR w/ 4.785 FD and 200 whp /130 tq on the same dyno

Took the car to Thunderhill for a HPDE

Drove to LA for an Eibach meet

At the time I threw in a Double DIN head unit / CDT Components / JL 300/4 amp / JL 500/1 amp / JL 7″ w7. Eventually took all of it out and sold it

Picked up some Kosei K1s but didn’t like the silver and sold them. Briefly ran a VIS CF hood but it was not that much lighter than stock so sold the hood too.

Switched to a painted fiberglass hood that was much lighter. Also got some 16″ mag blue CE28Ns

Tried some OEM wheels but didn’t like how they sat so far into the wheel well.

Tried some Hyper Blue TE37SLs but didn’t like the blue on white.2015-07-16_08-47-36_zpsz3fe7kfe

Ended up going with some Red TE37SLs for a while had to buy some stickers since red sticker on red rim is silly.hood_zps0b7d4cbc

Threw in some JDM Recaros to match the wheels but they were not as comfortable as the stock seats for me.

Swapped on some Spoon Twin Block calipers to save some weight and for some bling

Picked up some speed bleeders

I eventually swapped in my old GSR motor with the same Mugen Intake / Hytech Header / 2.5″ Exhaust. The setup was fun with the 4.785 gearing but after seeing everyone at the drag strip with a K, I started to piece together a motor.

The bushings on the Zeals gave out and I went with Koni Yellows / Ground Control / Skunkworks Springs

I wanted to get the car running first before upgrading. So pieced together a k20 motor
K20z3 block / k20z1 transmission / Quaife LSD / k20a2 head + Supertech Valve train / Blox Type C cams / ATI dampner / RRC manifold / Blox 70mm TB / Karcepts RRC Adapter plate / K-tuned V2 TPS / BWR swap Header

Took it out to the drag strip with the k20 and managed a 12.4 @ 100? WIll need to find the slip to confirm the mph.

Fly-by Video at the drag strip

Made it to the semi-finals and got stomped by a mid 11 second hatch but got to go home with a little bit of cash!

Took the car out to Thunderhill, it was ridiculously hot out there. Picked up a CF scoop to funnel air to the intake.

Vid of one of the sessions out at Thunderhill, the half sized radiator was causing some problems on the hot day.

Picked up a Js racing / First Molding hood to aid with some cooling since I was running a 1/2 size Koyo at the time(Don’t recommend this for a tracked car!).

Got this JDM rear hatch for no rear windshield wiper hole but then realized it was too difficult to sell my stock hatch so sold this one.

Had all the parts for electric power steering to go in but after seeing how heavy it was I changed my mind and sold the setup

Did a rainy Thunderhill track even. Got these pics from the old BC Garage guys.

Eventually went bigger w/a k24/k20 setup
k24 block / k20a2 oil pump / 12.5:1 Supertech pistons / Drag Cartel 3.2

The differences between the two motors was night and day!

Picked up a First Molding Lip / Voltex Wing / Spoon Gen 3 mirrors to complete the Carbon Fiber ricer look. Also switched to some higher offset volks since I wanted the wheels to sit in more with wider tires.

Took it to the drag strip and managed a 11.6@116. Great pics by Joe Nguyen

Quick vid of one of the passes

Laguna Prep, right before drilling some holes for hood pins

Went to some Laguna events with Internet Legend @coolhandluke


Some Video of Laguna Seca

Random Pics of Stuff I bought Kingpin Compliance Bearings / Moroso Oil Pan for the k20


Got new Intake setup and tried to do a comprehensive test but failed after realizing how much work it is to swap the spacer on the Skunk2 manifolds.


Swapped the Konis for MCS got a Carbing 3 pt in front and Mugen bar in the rear. P1 splitter for the track.

Stopped by the local event ATS Funny Night since my friend’s shop in in the same plaza. Forgot who took this picture but I send them my thanks.


Thunderhill event with a retired World Challenge Race Car


Wishing I had a white Volk for a ‘Murica picture

Super Artsy picture with all the blemishes removed from the car by Joe Nguyen!

Street tires at Laguna. Photo by Paul, 1223 on

Heard all the EVO guys use these for drag racing so I wanted to try it out too

Booty shot

Lip before I smashed it all over the roads.14901735122_d751f6fdea_o_zpsc59a4911

Getting to the grid super late for the session with Nathan

Hanging out watching the Miami Heat lose in the finals…I think

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